Network Tags

Integrate with UnrulyX by implementing the UnrulyX Network Tag on all your websites. By using a Network Tag you will be able traffic a single tag across all your sites.

The Unruly Network Tag serves the native In-Article ad format.

You will be provided access to reporting tools on UnrulyX CTRL. These include key metrics such as earnings, demand partner and inventory usage.

Basic Network Tag:

var unruly = window.unruly || {};
unruly.native = unruly.native || {};
unruly.native.networkId = XXXX;
<script src="//">

This will be provided by your Unruly contact and XXXX will be replaced with your unique UnrulyX Publisher ID.

Where to place it:

The tag can be placed in the <head> of each page on all websites or it can be trafficked through an adserver (eg.DFP) For more information see: Which Integration Method do I Want?

Once you’ve deployed the tag for both mobile and desktop versions, inform your Unruly contact and we’ll provide a way to preview the ad format and placement on your websites.

Tailored tag modifications:

There are variations on this tag that you may wish to implement, depending on whether you’d like to use an adserver for extra conditional tag-serving rules and controls, or for configuring passbacks.

UnrulyX also supports a client side javascript API for enhanced integration into your site.